[can.followup] Final warning before this newsgroup is removed!

msb@lsuc.UUCP (01/24/85)

I have proposed that can.map and can.followup be deleted.  (Also can.ai,
and can.ai.cscsi, but that's another story -- see those groups.)

There has been not the glimmer of a response favoring keeping the groups,
nor has there been any traffic on them.  Can.map is obsoleted by the
mod.map groups, and can.followup never had much need because can.general
itself is rather a low-volume group.

Consequently it appears very clear that there is no need for the two groups,
and they will be deleted in a week, barring successful last-minute appeals.

The clock is ticking.
Mark Brader -- {utzoo,utcs,utcsrgv,dciem,nrcaero}!lsuc!msb.