[can.followup] These newsgroups are proposed for deletion

msb@lsuc.UUCP (Mark Brader) (01/12/85)

These newsgroups are proposed for deletion.  See the referenced article
in can.general.

MAIL responses to  {utzoo,utcs,utcsrgv,dciem,nrcaero}!lsuc!msb.
Mark Brader

nixon@utcsrgv.UUCP (Brian Nixon) (01/25/85)

A volume of traffic is a good reason to create a separate newsgroup.
On the other hand, a low volume is not necessarily a good reason to
remove a group.

If you don't receive any mail for a week, how would you feel if the
letter carrier cemented-over your mailbox?

Is there any cost associated with retaining a newsgroup?

The consensus here is to retain at least can.ai .
There are some mixed feelings re can.ai.cscsi .

Yves Lesperance,     Brian Nixon      and  Taro Shibahara
utcsrgv!lesperan     utcsrgv!nixon         utcsrgv!utai!taro

Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont.  M5S 1A4
Brian Nixon

phyllis@utcsrgv.UUCP (Phyllis Eve Bregman) (01/27/85)

I agree with Brian Nixon, et al.  The Canadian groups take up
very little space on one's disk:  a few bytes in everyone's .newsrc
and a couple of more in the active file.  Big Deal.  Many more
bytes of senseless discussion is going on back and forth attempting
to convince people that these groups should be deleted.  I vote
that they be kept in case they are needed sometime in the future.
I also vote that one person shouldn't be dictatorial about
rm'ing them.
		Phyllis Eve Bregman
		CSRI, Univ. of Toronto
		CSNET:  phyllis@toronto