[net.vvs] VVS Activation

lauren (02/13/83)

Greetings.  The Vortex Video System is hereby activated.
Those sites who have arranged for a direct connection with "vortex",
and who have the appropriate graphics display hardware, are now welcome
to begin uucp'ing of images.

To get started, you should first uucp the file: "vortex!/pix/format",
which details the image format in the VVS picture files.

Next, uucp the file: "vortex!/pix/index",
which contains a current listing of all available images, and a 
brief description of each picture.  The images are kept in the
vortex!/pix directory, so a picture listed as "foo" in the index 
should be retrieved as: "vortex!/pix/foo".

Be sure to selectively retrieve files by name; wildcard retrievals of
image files are not permitted.  Note that a single picture will take
approximately 7-8 minutes to transfer at 1200 baud.

Please let me know how you like these pix!  Also, if you have (or develop)
any interesting software for manipulating these images in any way (and
are willing to share it) I'd appreciate hearing about it.
As new pictures are added to the collection (and old images deleted),
update notices will be sent to this newsgroup.

If you wish to obtain these pix but do not currently have a direct 
connection to vortex, you are welcome to uucp access if you are willing
to make the calls.  Please contact me for more information if you are

Have fun.

{ucbvax!lbl-csam, harpo, decvax, floyd, randvax}!vortex!lauren