[net.vvs] more pix

lauren (04/13/83)

Greetings all.  For those of you participating in the VVS, a number
of new images have been added to the collection.  You probably
should re-uucp the files:


for updated versions of these files.  

To those of you unfamiliar with the Vortex Video System, it provides,
via uucp, a growing number of digitized images for local display, on
a variety of different "topics".  You must have a *direct* connection
to "vortex" to obtain these files.

Please contact me for more information.

{ucbvax!lbl-csam, ihnp4, decvax, floyd, randvax}!vortex!lauren

P.S.  The /pix filesystem has been (and will be) offline from
time to time due to software work being performed on vortex.  If
you've tried to uucp some files from /pix and have had problems,
that's probably the reason -- try again later.  Thanks.