[net.micro.atar] Looking for cheep graphics terminal

yoder (03/10/83)

pur-ee!yoder    Mar  9 16:28:00 1983

I'm looking for an inexpensive (< $500) graphics terminal.
At this low price, I don't expect real good resolution.
Currently I've been considering buying a micro computer
(e.g. Atari 400 or TI 99/4a) with an RS 232 interface and
write (or buy) software to simulate a graphics terminal.

Does anybody know of a graphics terminal for less than
500 dollars, or software to the Atari 400/800 or TI 99/4a
(or any other inexpensive micro) that simulates a graphics terminal?
(A Tektronics 4010 simulator is what I really need, but
anything else will do).

Please send replies to me and I will summarize the results.

	Thanks	Mark A. Yoder