[net.unix-wizard] Defining function keys in vi

sundar@cwruecmp.UUCP (Sundar R. Iyengar) (01/21/84)

	The 'map' command could be used to bind function keys
	on terminals to specialized and customized commands.
	Is it possible to define in .exrc or EXINIT or some
	other files, the bindings such that depending on the
	terminal you are on, the mapped key stroke sequences
	would leave the key stroke sequences meant for another
	terminal unmapped? For instance, VT100 generates
	OP for PF1. Zenith Data Systems generates S for F1.
	When I am on VT100 I would like OP define as a certain
	command, leaving S unmapped. Similarly, when I am on
	Zenith Data Systems, I would like S mapped but OP


	Sundar Iyengar

	Posted: 2:09:27 pm, Saturday January 21, 1984.