[net.games.vide] Atari 5200 sighted

mcewan (10/25/82)

uiucdcs!mcewan    Oct 25 12:44:00 1982

The Atari 5200 is now out. I saw one at the local Pennies a few days ago.
The graphics look pretty good, but all they had for it was Galaxian,
and they didn't seem too enthusiastic about letting people play with it.
I'd have to see more to tell how it compares with Coleco.

bsw (10/28/82)

   In the Latest Games Mag. Issue, there is a review of some video games (home),
including the atari 5200 and colecovision.

mpr (11/04/82)

What is an Atari 5200 and how does it compare with the Atari that has been
on the market for several years?  Are the old games playable on the new machine?
If this information has been on the net before, would someone mail me a
			Mike Ressler
			BTL Piscataway