[net.games.vide] Bally Arcade/Astrocade Info

twt (11/19/82)

uicsl!twt    Nov 18 19:18:00 1982

	I currently own a Bally Arcade video game system. This system was
brought out by the arcade game maker Bally/Midway back in 1977, and has since
been taken over by a company called Astrocade out of Columbus,OH. I am looking
for anyone who has any information about new cartridges or add-ons for the
system. Also, I seem to remember that there was at one time a user group for
the system, and I would like to locate some information on it also.

	Please relpy via mail or the net. Thanks

	Tom Todd

stocker (11/19/82)

Anyone wanting more info on the Bally/Astrocade Unit can contact me directly
through the net or the great user's group:

3626 Morrie Drive
San Jose, CA 95127

For any of you who may have a Bally (a machine far ahead of its time in
1977 and still competitive now if you can find them) and have not checked
on hardware/software for the past two years or so, it would be worth your
while to do so.


mark (11/20/82)

I live in Columbus, Ohio, but I had never heard of Bally Astrocade
before reading this month's Consumer Reports.  How come they are so
unheard of?

CR rated them better than Atari, Intellivision, and Odyssey.  The
Atari 5200 and Colecovision were not out at the time.