[net.lisp] wanted: display-oriented interlisp structure editor

marty@boulder.UUCP (05/04/84)

I've been using Interlisp-VAX under VMS for a while now and am getting a bit 
tired of the rather antiquated TTY editor.  I know Dave Barstow had a sort of
semi-display interlisp structure editor known as DED, but this seems to have 
fallen into a black hole.  Does anyone out there have a screen-oriented 
residential structure editor for interlisp?  (Yes, I know the real solution is 
to get an 1108, it's on order ...  But I've got too many interlisp users to 
point them all at one Dandelion ...)  

				thanks much,
				 Marty Kent

{ucbvax!hplabs | allegra!nbires | decvax!kpno | harpo!seismo | ihnp4!kpno}
			polson @ sumex-aim

cib@lanl-a.UUCP (05/11/84)

Our system is ISI-Interlisp on a UNIX VAX, and I normally use
emacs to edit Interlisp code. emacs can be called with the
LISPUSERS/TEXTEDIT program. It needs a minor patch to be able
to handle files with extensions. I can give further details by
mail if you are interested.