[fa.bitgraph] BitGraph software available

C70:bitgraph (07/22/82)

>From MP@MIT-MC Thu Jul 22 10:38:15 1982
Thanks to the good graces of Bob Brown (rlb@purdue) and
Rich Fortier (rwf@bbn-unix), there's now a collection of
BitGraph software (a few games and a music compiler)
available for FTP.  The file is USERS5;MP BITGRA
on host MIT-MC.  It is a UNIX tar archive, so you should use
TYPE L transfer mode to preserve 8-bit bytes.

Be sure to send constructive suggestions about this
software to the authors listed above.  If you have any other
neat software, I'm sure the list would appreciate knowing
about it.


(For those of you at MIT, the un-archived sources are in
/projects/bitgraph on mit-vax.)