[fa.bitgraph] Purdue Games

C70:bitgraph (08/07/82)

>From rlb@Purdue Sat Aug  7 13:44:24 1982
The Purdue games do indeed fit in the 128k version - that's the type I
developed them on.  The way I see it, of the 128k, about 98k is used for
the display memory, 8k for control program stack & scratch RAM, leaving
about 22k for downloaded programs.

If you install the S-lines files from the Purdue distribution at MC and
compile Fortier's hostcode & install it, the programs should run (they have
at other sites). If Aliens takes about 16k, it will fit.  Pacman, on the
other hand, requires more memory than the 22k available, so I download
portions of it into the alternate font buffer used by the control program.

Contact me personally if you need more help.

Bob Brown (rlb)
Purdue-CS (317)494-6530