[fa.bitgraph] BitGraph support and marketing questions.

C70:bitgraph (08/09/82)

>From rwf@BBN-UNIX Mon Aug  9 07:53:12 1982

Date:     5 Aug 82 20:09:37-EDT (Thu)
From:     Mark Weiser <mark.umcp-cs@UDel-Relay>
To:       info-bitgraph at Mit-Mc
Subject:  Bitgraph support software
Via:  UMCP-CS; 7 Aug 82 5:49-EDT

How did other Bitgraph owners get their C-68000 cross compilers,
firmware listings, bithdwr.h files, etc. to run on Vax Unix?
The Bitgraph manual says "these are available" for the asking,
but our salesman (who for some reason is based in Florida,
although we are in Maryland and have a BBN office right up the street...)
cannot seem to locate anything for us.  We have a 68000 cross assembler
written here, but without the location of the firmware routines
or display memory, we can do nothing.  Help!


Would you please get in touch with Mark about the tools, etc.?
For the benefit of the rest of the list, marketing questions should
be directed to Bev Josephs <bjosephs at BBN-UNIX>.  Mark, please
contact Bev directly at 617-497-3058 or send her your phone number,
since this discussion really should be moved off of the network.