[net.gdead] Red Rocks Tickets

woods@sri-unix (07/15/82)

    I am from Boulder, Co., about 15 miles from Red Rocks and have never missed
a Dead show there. It is without question THE best place to see a concert,
and since there is nothing like a Dead concert, you know what to expect. 
The usual procedure with Red Rocks shows is the following: All local Dead Heads
wait in line and buy the maximum number of tickets possible, since thousands
of their friends come in from all over the country. Since the tickets go on
sale almost 2 months before the shows, they seldom know how many tickets they 
will need, hence they buy as many as possible. Dead Heads are not known for 
their tremendous ability to plan things in advance, so the people with the
tickets here usually don't know how many extras (if any) they will have
until a couple of days at most before the shows. Thus I think you would be
incredibly lucky to find any tickets at all, unless you just show up here
2-3 days before the shows and check out the bulletin boards (the University
of Colorado in Boulder is probably your best bet, since there are more Dead 
Heads in Boulder than in Denver even though Denver is 10+ times bigger).
The other option is to attempt to obtain them on your way to the show. There
are usually lots of people out along the road up to Red Rocks attempting to
buy/sell tickets. If you are going to try this it is probably necessary to get
out there fairly early in the day (10am at the latest!), as the buyers usually
outnumber the sellers (Red Rocks only holds about 9000). Any other hints you
think I can give, feel free to mail me.

		      GREG (ucbvax!menlo70!hao!woods)