[net.gdead] Workingman's Punk

pjm (02/02/83)

(From the current "Ampersand" (a supplement to many college papers)):

Keeping to a strict nothing-scared policy, a New Jersey band
called Pop'O'Pies, now h.q.'d in Frisco, has released a punk
version of the Grateful Dead anthem, "Truckin'."

Sacrilege, you say--but things get worse!  Side two of the 415
Records EP contains the rap version of the same song.  And the
cover snatches Garcia & Co.'s familiar skull-and-roses motif,
only to juxtapose the sacred symbology with a tabletop of mushed-
up chicken pot pies.  In fact, the skull has a dribble of gravy
on its chin.

"The guys in the Dead love the 'punk' version and they play it
before rehearsals," claims Howie Klein, Frisco alternative music
maven.  Maybe the zombie rockers will even go as far as to cover
a Pop'O'Pies original--like, perhaps, "The Catholics Are Attacking"
or "Fascists Eat Donuts."

Phil Mercurio		(ucbvax!sdcsvax!mercurio)