[fa.teletext] Videotext Future Shock -- call waiting

teletext (06/19/82)

>From SIRBU@MIT-MC Sat Jun 19 14:33:58 1982
If you look in the Proceedings of the 1981 National Telecommunications
Conference, you will find an article by someone from AT&T on a
technology called "Local Area Data Transport -LADT"  (don't ask me how
they think up such awful names!)

The technology would provide for simultaneous voice and data over a
single phone line at speeds up to 8 kbps (although initial applications
will be limited to 4.8).  The technology is similar to
that currently being pedaled by Teltone for use with your office PBX.
Basically, the data is frequency multiplexed above the voice and taken
off the line at the entrance to the central office, multiplexed and sent
to a packet switch.  It is my undertanding that AT&T plans to use this
technology for the Coral Gables trial in 1983.  The technology also
allows home fire and security alarm systems to run over the same data

Marvin Sirbu