[fa.teletext] Mailing-list for List of lists update notices

teletext (07/07/82)

>From Zellich@OFFICE-3 Wed Jul  7 08:34:41 1982
For those of you not previously aware of it, I maintain a master list
of ARPANET mailing-lists/digests/discussion groups (currently 756
lines or ~29,000 characters) on OFFICE-3 in file:


   For ARPANET users, OFFICE-3 supports the net-standard ANONYMOUS
   login within FTP, with any password.

To keep people up to date on the large number of such lists, I have
established a mailing list for list-of-lists \update notices/.  I do
not propose to send copies of the list itself to the world at large,
but for those ARPANET users who seriously intend to FTP the updated
versions when updated, I will send a brief notice that a new version
is available.  For those counterparts at internet sites who maintain
or redistribute copies for their own networks (DECNet, Xerox, etc.)
and can't reach the master by ARPANET FTP, I will send out the
complete new file.  I do \not/ intend to send file copies to
individual users, either ARPANET or internet; our system is fairly
heavily loaded, and we can't afford it.

There is no particular pattern to the update frequency of INTEREST-
GROUPS.TXT; I will occasionally receive a burst of new mailing-lists
or perhaps a single change of address for a host or mailing-list
coordinator, and then have a long period with no changes.

To get on the list, send requests to ZELLICH@OFFICE-3, \not/ to the
mailing-list this message appears in.