[net.periph] modem info request

casterli (01/14/83)

Modem info needed

We are currently considering the following modems:

1)  Racal-Vadic triple

2)  Hayes Smartmodem 1200

3)  Universal Datamodem

4)  Novation Smartcat

and would appreciate comments from those of you who have used them.  Our 
concerns are:

1)  Reliability

2)  Just how 'smart' are these beasties?

3)  Availability

4)  Compatability with the CP/M Crosstalk program (important for this

I am sorry if I have missed articles which address these modems.  We are new
to the net, and have (I suspect) missed much of interest in the past...

Thank you for your time
Leroy Casterline
Fort Collins, Co.