[net.periph] Drivers Wanted

perry@sbcs.UUCP (Perry S. Kivolowitz) (12/03/83)

I was wondering if anyone has a Unix driver for the XEBEC S1410
disk controller  (with  some  ST506  look-alike for a drive). I
have started writing such a thing (actually finished the stand-
alone driver  and  started  the  kernel driver) but as of yet I
don't have any hardware to test  it on so I would still apprec-
iate a response to this request.

The  intended  environment is  on  the Multibus  but any driver
implementation would be welcome.

Also, for the Multibus (and under the same  circumstances) I am
wondering if anyone  else  has  written  a  driver for the 3Com
Ethernet board.

					    Perry S. Kivolowitz