[net.unix.wizards] Which newsgroup is the real one?

guy@rlgvax.UUCP (Guy Harris) (01/06/84)

"net.unix.wizards" is a typo; nothing should be posted there.  One should
post to "net.unix-wizards" (yes, I know, this is posted to net.unix.wizards,
but in the hope that it will get posted there on machines that have that group
and convince people to remove the group and not post things there).

	Guy Harris

jbn@wdl1.UUCP (John B. Nagle) (01/08/84)

    Are both net.unix.wizards and net.unix-wizards meaningful, or is one
a typo?  Articles get posted to both, but there is no significant difference
in the subject matter as far as I can see.