[net.unix.wizards] TELEX and UNIX

jorge@arizona.UUCP (Jorge OchoaLions.) (06/28/84)

 Can anyone tell me if it is possible to communicate with a TELEX station
from a computer running UNIX ?   I want to communicate with people who use
the TELEX system.  I am interested in one-way communications only.  Can
anyone give me a hint as to how to do this, or is it just not possible ?

Jorge OchoaLions
University of Arizona
Department of Computer Science.

ron@brl-vgr.ARPA (Ron Natalie <ron>) (06/29/84)

Ok.  There are essentially two ways you can go about this.  First, you
can actually emulate a TELEX terminal, plugging one of your serial lines
in to their equipment and playing code converter, etc.  The other alternative
is that they now offer a computer access to TELEX.  You can call up with a
regular ASCII terminal and send TELEX messages and you can arrange to have
the TELEX system call your computer back to deliver messages or you poll
their machine for your messages.

Interactive Systems of Santa Monica, CA is now marketing a product called
INTelex.  I have no idea what it does.  I have mixed feelings about Interactive.