[net.cms] A VM Question

wagner (07/29/82)

We are looking  for  high-bandwidth  ways  of  passing  data
between two 370 type systems.  One system will be running VM
and UTS, the other MVS.  The primary thrust,  initially,  of
data  flow will be from UTS to MVS.  A quick and dirty solu-
tion, due to be completed today or tomorrow, will be several
9600  baud  lines  from  RSCS  under  VM  to JES2 on the MVS
machine.  The bandwidth will be tight, but workable for now.
We are looking primarily at two solutions, one using a CTCA,
and one using  shared  DASD.   Either  of  these  pieces  of
hardware  has  sufficient  bandwidth to solve the problems -
neither will just drop in without some software we dont have
at our finger-tips.
     The CTCA is on order, due to arrive shortly.  We do not
run NJE on JES2, so just connecting them wouldnt work.  Pro-
grams to talk to CTCAs would be nice, provided we didnt have
to  write  them  (no  time).   Running  VM  and RSCS on both
machine would be ok, provided we could handle the  VM  over-
head  on  the  MVS machine (anyone have any figures for this
sort of thing?).
     Another option would be running JES2 MAS or any form of
shared DASD to get the files across.  JES2 MAS would be more
work than we want to do, but might be doable if  we  couldnt
find  a  smaller program to do it. IBM tells me that we cant
run shared DASD between a VM machine and a  native  machine.
I  cant  beleive  that, and have shown them the place in the
SPL where it says it should work.  But I would  rather  have
evidence  from someone who is doing it.  I am ready and wil-
ling to dedicate the DASD to the Virtual Machine on  the  VM
side  and forgo alternate paths, which is sufficient to make
real reserve/release work.
     Are we missing other options?  Has anyone done  any  of
these  things  before?  Does anyone have code that works for
these options?  Appreciate anything anyone can suggest.

Michael Wagner, UTCS (decvax!utzoo!utcsstat!wagner)