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David Touretzky on connectionist vs. symbolic models, knowledge rep. (0 replies, 09/16/88)

Stephen Hanson on backpropagation algorithm for neural nets (0 replies, 09/21/88)

Hector Sussmann to speak on formal analysis of Boltzmann Machine (0 replies, 10/01/88)

Josh Alspector to speak on a neuromorphic learning chip (0 replies, 10/05/88)

Eric Baum to speak on 10/28 on generalization in neural networks (0 replies, 10/12/88)

Cary Kornfeld to speak on neural networks and bitmapped graphics (0 replies, 10/14/88)

Neural Networks, intelligent machines, and the AI wall: Jack Gelfand (0 replies, 10/26/88)

Schedule of remaining neural network talks this semester (0 replies, 11/01/88)

Mark Jones to speak on neural nets and symbolic AI (0 replies, 11/05/88)

E. Tzanakou to speak on ALOPEX: an optimization method (0 replies, 11/10/88)

Stefan Shrier on Abduction Machines for Grammars (0 replies, 12/03/88)